Below are the health measures we ensure:

  • Availability of First Aid box
  • Medical contact with the nearby hospitals
  • Site accidental insurance coverage of employees
  • Safe drinking water
  • Provision of hygienic accommodation for workers residing in the premises


Personal safety
• Our team at site is always equipped with ISI marked Helmets, safety belt, shock and scratch proof gloves, glasses etc.
• We train our employees to use safety gears while at work and perform the safety drill

Environmental safety
We believe in sustainable development and adhere to the environmental guidelines ensuring :
• Noise pollution standards: Noise out of our mechanical equipment’s and devices are within permissible limits. Our equipment’s strictly follow scheduled maintenance.
• Oil Storage & Water storage is stored in ISI marked , leak proof barrel and kept in the warehouse with proper shedding
• Ware house hygiene is maintained with proper cleaning of the ware house on timely basis with pest control measures

Social safety
• As a first step after site takeover we fence our premises in order to avoid any entry of domestic ,wild animals and any unauthorized people.
• The premises is well marked with signboards and instruction boards